Monday, January 13, 2014

35 Weeks & The Best Baby Shower Ever!


Well, LOTS has happened since my last post. I've been meaning to write about it, I promise! So far this
pregnancy has been such an awesome experience. I've taken lots of tips and tricks that have been offered up to me from friends and family; like using belly bands, tummy support belts, exercise balls, and of course, - staying active and working out!

Oh, and I listen to my mid-wives and take my red raspberry leaf and alfalfa capsules. Both designed to help in labor (stronger contractions, less bleeding, etc). Both of those equate to 13 capsules a day...goodness! I feel like I'm always popping pills. ;) 5 weeks to go!

Here are some highlights....

  • Had my baby shower!
  • Jeep died/ Leased a new car ('14 Toyota Corolla! It's amazing!) 
  • Had 35 week maternity photos taken by Dawn Vieux (blog post coming soon on this!
The baby shower that my mom (and company) threw for me was friggin' amazing! It was everything you'd expect a baby shower to be. First off, it was co-ed, which really made my dad since Seth and I are friends with lots of "couples" who either have kids, are expecting, or are just plain awesome. We wanted to celebrate with them! 

The decorations were amazing (lots of sweet boy colors popping up everywhere), the games were hilarious and the cute cottage setting was just perfect. Not to mention the food! Mom made all the food, and the presentation just impressed the heck out of everyone. I seriously thought she had it catered...turns out she's just that good. Be jealous, my friends. ;) 

I'm so very grateful for my family for putting on this amazing shower, and to all the people who helped also! I truly believe I have surrounded myself with the most awesome people and each of you bring infinite joy and support to my life. I can't wait to introduce my baby boy to you all! 

And of course I got LOTS of amazing gifts from my family and buddies. 

Until next time! - Dana 

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it kiddo! I loved doing it for you and had some amazing people help out! Can't wait to meet our Jackson!! We love you ! (all three of you!)


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