Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jackson's First Baby Pictures - Our 3D/4D Ultrasound Experience!!

Let me just start out saying that the 4D Ultrasound experience I had was not at all what I was expecting! I figured we'd go in for 15 or minutes or so, snap some cute face photos of the baby, and watch it for a bit on the video monitor. I'm excited to admit that the whole experience was about 10X more glamorous and exciting that I ever though it would be!
I originally DID want to get an Ultrasound, but I talked myself out of it after reading some pretty grey reviews online... and also the price. I was anticipating the former experience. What we got was totally different. The owners of the "shop" were so sweet and kind, and you could really tell they loved babies! We spent about 50 minutes flipping between the 2D and 4D ultrasounds to basically watch a live video of what baby Jackson was up too! It was amazing! Cindy was super sweet and took extra time and effort to work with my active baby boy (and my huge anterior placenta which was right in the way of the imaging!). We left with amazing photos and video!
Some highlights about Jackson...

  • With an easy flip, he can change from pointing east to west in about 3 seconds. 
  • He had about 5 hiccups! Takes after his daddy with that one! 
  • Loves loves loves playing with his toes! I'm pretty sure he was holding onto one foot the whole time. 
I think the most amazing part of the whole "watching" process was seeing his little head thump up and down during the 2D ultrasound. With each of my heartbeats, his little head was pushed up just a tiny bit, so it looked like he was head bobbing to the rhythm of my heart! Cindy said he just happened to be resting on a major blood supply (either the placenta, or my own) that was causing the movement. No wonder little babies like to hear mom's heartbeat once their born! I used to think that was "cheesy", but after seeing that happen...just WOW! 

Hearbeat! 130 bpm! Thumpa Thumpa Thumpa!

Sweet little black and white face with his hands in front of his chin. 

Just look at that sweet face! He didn't open his eyes at all, but he did make some pretty fun squirmy faces!

aaaaaand....here is the squirmy face! 

...but then he settles down and looks like this again. Almost a little smile?! :) 

Cindy said he's "nuzzling" here. I hope he's a snuggly thing!

Then back to total cuteness!

Yup he is sucking on something here! Couldn't tell exactly what, but its either the hand or foot or something floating around in there :P

And here is a 40 second video to top it all off!!! I swear he must have been sleeping during this part, because this was the quietest he was for the whole ultrasound. 

The whole experience was just amazing, and I have my wonderful and generous parents to thank for treating me to this wonderful event!! I'm so happy I did it! 


Saturday, November 16, 2013

27 Week Update (Third Trimester!) and Some Awesome Project Photos


Thanks for visiting! Not a whole lot of interesting news has popped up since my last post on here, which is a good thing right? No news is good news!

Sunday (11/17/13)  marks the first day of my third trimester! Jackson is doing super well. We both check out great at our monthly appointments. In a few short weeks (once we hit 32 weeks) we'll have appointments twice a month, and then weekly at 36 weeks. WOW! That, combined with all the classes I've taken, it sorta feels like I live there a little ;). So far, I've taken a 4 part breast feeding education class, a water birth class, a 2 part Labor, Delivery and Postpartum Care class, and a Fearless Birth group meeting. Yay! I feel rather educated, and ready as I can be to birth this baby and maybe even take care of him properly, too!

Jackson spends most of his days sleeping and kicking my bladder repeatedly. Besides the constant trips to the bathroom, its been fun! I feel great, and my energy level has pretty much stayed the same. I do get tired a little earlier in the day, and every now and then I actually take a nap (like on the weekends :P). Hopefully I can maintain some of this energy once Jackson joins us for real...

I still work out about 4-5 times a week (I've had to modify quite a bit) - I think that helps a lot!

I've kept busy on several sewing projects! Keeps me distracted, and it passes the time well. I've been able to use the sewing machine mom bought me a couple years, and its just been great!

Crochet baby blanket!

Refinished baby swing cover and padding. 

Large minky baby blanket - super soft. 

Still in progress! Puff quilt crib blanket! 

Still a work in progress - putting on the borders. 
These items are definitely not perfect, but they are full of love and hopefully little Jackie will be able to tell that!

Next Tuesday, mom is treating me to a 4D Ultrasound, so hopefully we can get some great face shots of Jackson up on the blog. Can't wait!

Until next time!

Dana Alley