Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Down to the Wire - Nearly 39 Weeks

Remeber this???
Wow! I can't believe it - I seriously just cannot fathom how close we are to the main event. My due date is in 9 days. We are counting down in single digits now, people! One midwife told me that first time moms often go 1 - 1 1/2 weeks overdue, which is fine, because that's STILL super close... Holy cow.

I've been revamping my workout routines with lots of hip-moving-cardio (arc-glider, walking) and about a billion squats and lunges. Hopefully this baby starts thinking about coming. I'm worried he is a bit too cozy, but I don't really blame him with this ridiculously COLD weather we've been having... 

I've got to give a public shout out to my wonderful husband! He has just been fantastic throughout this whole adventure. He goes WAY above and beyond when carrying out his I-Have-a-Very-Pregnant-Wife duties. Whether its cooking and cleaning, comforting massages, encouraging words, or just helping me carry my bags to the car (I carry about 3 bags of stuff with me throughout the day), he is seriously awesome. Better yet, he's become a great prenatal workout buddy for me!

Walking lunges. Supposed to help
the baby get into position for labor. :) 
Being pregnant has been wonderful - and I'm seriously not just "saying that." I've tried (with success) to make my pregnancy an "enjoyable experience." I love learning in general, and I've loved experiencing the differences and changes that a pregnant body goes though. Plus, feeling your adorable baby moving and kicking inside you is enough to make any ones heart melt...

It hasn't all been peaches and cream, but about 88% of it has, which is totally fine with me. Its not like you feel 100% all the time when your NOT preggers how can I complain? Working out and staying positive has been my medicine. Sometimes I back that up with a Tylenol and a nap. :P 

I'm super thankful for all the support I have had throughout my pregnancy! Last night, I met with Dedi, Wendy, Mom and Seth to talk about my expectations of labor. If you don't already know, I've chosen a non-intervention natural birthing facility called New Birth Company. Its run by a team of certified Midwifes. We talked about labor stuff and also about what I wanted each of them to do to help me through the process. Mostly managing pain and discomfort, because they do not offer epidurals or other pain medications at the birth center. 

Kettle-ball squat swings. Also supposed
to help baby drop, rotate and get into a good
birthing position. 
I'm an over planner, of course. Mom says I'll breeze through it without a problem. I think a little bit of over planning helps with the breezing process ;) 

The nursery is basically ready, and everything else has been properly nested. Jackson could come anytime, and I'd be ok with it. I've even nested at work! I'm amazed by all the things that have been given, purchased or gifted to us. I started out with ZERO, and now I have everything I need to welcome a newborn. I'm so thankful for all my supportive friends and family! 

I don't know if I'll be posting again before baby Jackson comes, so the next post might be about him. Can't wait! 

Dana Alley 

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