Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marketing Paw-Spectives: By Bandt, Office Dog - Week 1

My close friends get a sneak peak of Bandits new weekly marketing column that will be posted to the Integrity Marketing Solutions Facebook page! Thoughts? 

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Woof! Welcome to my new weekly column – Marketing Paw-Spectives: Insider tips and hints to get your marketing working for you.

One of my jobs as Office Dog is to sit quietly in the office and nap; however; I help pass the time by gnawing on my delicious organic bone my owner gets me. A good quality bone will last me about three weeks. After that, it starts getting a little stale. The same concept applies to your eNewsletter email message. You need to change your message out at least once a month to keep your audiences interested. I LOVE it when my owner gets me a new bone, and your readers will enjoy a fresh message just the same! 

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