Thursday, September 26, 2013

He'll Wear a Bow Tie, Because "Bow Ties are Cool" - It's a BOY!


Seth and I are pleased to announce we are adding a little gentleman to the family! Baby Alley is now - Jackson Carter Alley - the new love of our lives!

I'm sincerely overjoyed by this news! If you've talked to me at all about the baby, you know how much I wished and hoped and prayed for a little boy! From cheering like a lunatic at sporting events to getting him ready for his first date, I've always felt like a little boy would complete our little family, and I already feel like it has. Plus, little boys just love their moms :)

Jackson Alley says "bow ties are cool!"
(That's a Doctor Who quote, for my less nerdy friends and family)
The lovely Dawn Vieux of LeVieux Femme (Facebook / Smug Mug) took these amazing gender reveal portraits for us! I highly recommend Dawn for any of your family portrait needs within the Kansas City Metro area!

With Seth being the science dude, I thought this was appropriate! 

(You knew I HAD to do something Doctor Who related!)

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  1. Beautiful!! Love them all. I'm so excited, it's so hard to wait!!


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