Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Water Baby of Our Very Own

Hello, Summer! Where have you been all year? Hiding around the corner? Simmering in the months of July & August? I had my baby in a freezing February, and now the cool spring days and rains have zipped by leaving me with an adorable 5 month old and a lazy summer heat. I’m in complete bliss!

This week we hit the pool. I don’t know why we didn't attempt this sooner. Perhaps my mind was still stuck somewhere in winter mode, or maybe I was just distracted by how small my human was to even fathom the idea of swimming. Thanks to some close friends, my mind was opened this last weekend...and we’re HOOKED, to say the least. My Florida girl roots are reaching towards the surface. I've obviously been away from the beach (and the pools) too long. Now, wading in the warm pool water feels as natural as walking. Once a water baby, always a water baby...and my son seems to be following the same road.
The weekend before last, we splashed from the sidelines in the pool at a friends apartment complex. While we were missing our swimsuits, we enjoyed the water with my pants rolled up, and him stripped down to a borrowed swim diaper. This past weekend, we went swimming for realz at an OP community pool. Then, on Sunday, we wandered down to our own small apartment pool and splashed and kicked and bobbed the afternoon away. What a life!

Who knew babies would be so much fun in the water? Granted, my baby seems to actually enjoy the water, so that's nice. We toll around the pool giggling and blowing bubbles and singing. I look around at the other quiet pool goers; basking in the sun, or reading something on their e-book. Why aren't they smiling and laughing? Don’t they see how cute my baby is?! I’m slightly offended that no one else is as captivated as I am by my little swimmer.

As we float around, I’m mesmerized by his trust. He could easily give into fear as he feels the strange buoyancy and new sensation of water all around him. But he doesn't. He looks into my eyes and dons a little grin and then a giggle. He starts to kick his little legs, and smacks the surface with his tiny fists.

As I said. I’m in complete bliss with my son. He’s captivated my heart, and I love him dearly. I’m daydreaming about my next pool visit as I type this (which is tonight, if you must ask).

Once we’re all toweled off, and nestled into our dry clothes, I think about what is to come. I’m reminded of all the great experiences we’ll share - all the new wonderful little things my son will learn with and from me.

But, I try not to get too far ahead. I try to just bask in how fun the day was at the pool, just being together.

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